Advanced Features

Take your software to the next level

   The following features can be added to the Base Package to make your fitting software solution a world class application.

  • Resizeable Windows
  • Fitting Advisor
  • Environmentally Specific Autofit Routines ("Autofit To...")
  • Link Sides
  • Rearrange memories
  • Copy between memories
  • Custom Autofit Routines
  • Alternative Fitting Targets (Linear Fig6, POGO-II, NAL-NL1, NAL-RP, DSL I/O etc)
  • HIMSA Certified NOAH3 Module
  • Reserve Gain Modifiers
  • Inter-station / Inter-office network communications/data-sharing
  • Custom Splash Screens/Logos/Text
  • Custom Application "Skins"
  • Monaural fitting screens
  • Alternative Screen Layouts
  • Alternative navigation methods
  • Real Ear Mesurement Equipment Integration
  • Directional Polar Plots graphs
  • Live Polar Plots for supported devices
  • Modify Input Modes (Omni, Fixed Directional, ADM, etc)
  • Service screen to handle returns and more.
  • Automatic generation and printing of Order Forms
  • Multi-level Undo
  • Product Set-up Screen

If you have any other ideas about what you would like your fitting software to do, we will be glad to work with you to implement what you envision.

Check out our Demo on the Downloads page.

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