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About us... :

HIMTech provides pre-packaged as well as custom software to fit and manipulate hearing aids and other audio products

Our products range from basic fitting tools to complete SQL based manufacturing resource planning solutions. All of these products are based upon modular code that can be quickly customized to meet your unique specifications.

We also offer other technical services that can help you to get your products to market faster and with more impact.  Device characterization, product library creation, database design, project management, and web programming are just some of these offerings. 

A brief history of HIMTech principals:

Shawn Fennell was hired by Gennum in 1992 and spent the next 9 years working in the manufacturing area maintaining, automating and optimizing various processes in the semiconductor fab as well as creating corporate wide documentation and utilization analysis applications.  After spending a period of time in the I.T. department, he moved into the dual role of an applications specialist to assist Gennum customers in the use of ARK in their manufacturing / fitting applications and member of the Software R&D group.  Shawn was also project manager for SOUNDFIT and has been working with Mark on various Gennum projects since 2001.

In 1994, Mark Zotto began dispensing hearing aids as the owner of Schrader Hearing Instruments and was one of the founding members of TOS (Total Office Solutions), makers of the Clarity Office Management Software.  In 1996, he began to create fitting software and in 2000, OtoServices was created.  He has worked with 30+ international companies to create 26 stand alone / NOAH fitting modules,  two Real Ear Measurement modules, two electronic order/service forms and three SQL MRP systems.

Shawn and Mark recently joined forces and talents to create the new organization HIMTech, which is focused on software solutions for hearing instrument manufacturers. With a combined 35 years experience in the hearing industry and software development, we feel confident that we can satisfy any software solutions you require.

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