Base Application

A solid foundation to build upon...

   The basic application includes all of the features that you will require to perform a basic fitting.

Basic Features include:

  • Standalone Application
  • Support for any 2 types of hybrid from any supplier
  • Patient Information Database
  • Audiogram entry (HTL & BC)
  • Session management
  • Device Selection and Detection
  • Support for Hi-Pro programmer
  • FIG6 Fitting targets
  • Autofit
  • Journal Notebook
  • Serial Number display
  • Hard Copy Print-outs (Letter or A4 formats)
  • Device Response, I/O Curves and Directional Polar Plots
  • Councelling page (hearing aid info and marketing links)
  • Enable/disable memories
  • Reset to Library Defaults


Base Application

In addition to these features, the basic application can also be enhanced by adding any of the premium functions listed on the Advanced Features page, now or in the future.

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